Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jesus Can You Hear Me?

Before we left NC, my mom took Eve to church. It was a farewell service of sorts for Eve...she loves going to Rehobeth Methodist with my mom and they apparently adore her there as well. So, the minister (Susan) was holding her in front of the church (I think) and said something along the lines of everyday you can wake up and ask Jesus if he's there and he'll answer you.
My conversation with Eve today...
Eve: "Mama, I wake up everyday like Susan said to do and I ask Jesus if he's there?"
Me: "Susan?"
Eve: "Susan from Nonni's church ( are stupid voice) And he has not answered me yet and I've asked God, but he doesn't answer either."
Me: "Hmm" (wishing my mom and I were in the same time zone)
Now I suppose I should have said something like "Jesus answers us in mysterious ways." but I didn't and she dropped it. I am not sure what to do in these situations...suggestions that won't seem hypocritical coming from me?


Mom to 3 girls said...

When my girls ask questions like this I tell that we can't always hear Jesus with our ears or see him but we know he's there in other ways like the beautiful sunny days He gives us, a hug when we need it, an unexpected visitor, our friends, family that loves us...stuff like that. It seems to work for them...I'll ask Emma and Lily too and get back with you..

CRH said...

Would it cause irreparable damage (more than we've already done) to tell her that God will start answering when she starts listening to her parents and stops talking back? Isn't this why we have a therapy fund anyway?