Friday, July 18, 2008

It's official...I'm a stalker

OHMIGOD...I am OBSESSED with the sea turtles...totally obsessed. I have been three times to see them since we discovered them last week...three times! I'm not sure this is normal. I mean, if I'm going to see sunset, I may as well see the sea turtles too...right?? It's a 30 minute drive from our house...but so what? It's sea turtles! I even stalk them on the drive by too...I found myself holding up traffic on the Kamehameha Hwy (a two lane road) yesterday so I could see if there were any out (I saw one from the car). This doesn't even count toward my three actual visits to this particular beach where I got out of the car. I'm a little worried about myself...
Eve on the other hand announced her obsessions last night. I swear to God this is what she said "I am obsessed right now with mermaids, dolphins, butterflies, wands, and princesses". I'm not sure I got the order right...but the wording is dead on. She kills me sometimes.

In other funny news, my scale arrived today. I decided I needed one in the house to motivate count down is so in effect! I've lost another 1.5 lbs since I went to the Dr. in May which is sadly SO far from my goal of losing another 25 by December 20th...but hey, it's a very slow start. Amy emailed me the other day and said I need to have my measurements by August 2nd...shit!! I celebrated this very, very minor weight loss by making cookies with Eve at lunchtime and by taking myself to Ted's Bakery at Sunset Beach for a piece of the best freaking pie ever on the way home after my sea turtle stalking...I mean, I make some good pie...but this is some "smack your mama" good pie. I know, I know...don't reward yourself with food. My exercise ball came today too...the dessert binge was just a last hurrah before I truly get serious...really I mean it this time (on Monday, of course).


Amy said...

UPDATE: My husband came home and weighed himself today. He announced proudly that he has lost 11 lbs since moving here...sometimes I want to hit him.

RZAS Wife said...

Men and weight loss suck. I did Weight Watchers after having Thomas and lost 60 pounds (20 baby, 40 fat). I've been doing it ever since to maintain and though some has creeped back on, when I get serious it's the only way I can lose weight. I've "recommitted" since January and lost 20 pounds pretty easy.