Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Olympics and Politics Should NOT Go Together!

Ok, I'm a little fired up about something...I hate sports...but I love the Olympics (well, some events anyway). I love the idea of them a lot! In my recent admittance that I cry over weird things...the Olympics do it for me. It's so amazing to see these people who have trained for years obtain their just gets me...probably because I don't have any goals that I would EVER work that hard for...EVER.
Here's why I'm pissed...the International Olympic Committee has banned Iraq. I DO NOT think that ANY country should be banned from the Olympics...EVER! I am also pretty ticked that people are using this event for political demonstration (which is essentially what this ban amounts to) in that people are calling for us to boycott because they are being held in China. I certainly don't agree with the politics of their nation but again, I say...the Olympics should NOT be political. I realize I have limited knowledge on this...I hardly EVER watch the news anymore since moving to's like the rest of the world doesn't exist sometimes...but that's my two cents on this one.


bob said...

Amy, I couldnt agree with you more. This should be a celebration of peoples hard work, triumphs and most importantly their amazing talent. We are all citizens of the world and each person should be allowed every opportunity to participate. This should not be a political battle, only a battle of perseverence.

bob said...

By the way, I am terrible with this blog stuff... which is why my name is Bob. Just so you know, its Miss Elizabeth

kathy.humble said...

News hound that I am, I must insert here that the OC was obliged to ban Iraq because they illegally disbanded their "sanctioned" Olympic committee and appointed some other folks to a separate one--completely against the OC rules--and they were given since June 8 to correct the move. Iraq screwed itself, and sadly its athletes. Rules IS Rules.