Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy Meltdown #1

Today, Eve and I did some Back to School shopping...well, in this case...Going to School shopping. I've done fine with this...really I have. (I didn't cry when she went to Kindergarten I mistakenly thought I was ok.) We had already bought the book bag and some super cool Hello Kitty supplies and today we bought some clothes. Here's where the meltdown for Mommy happened...trying on the clothes. We got home from shopping about the same time as Daddy got home from work. Eve took her new clothes to her room and matched them up into little outfits. She then proceeded to try them all on...about half way through I lost it. She was so cute prancing around and deciding what day to wear what clothes...and I just started crying. I realized my baby is going to Kindergarten!!!
So, Eve realizes I'm crying and comes over to console me...she sits in my lap and is trying to be reassuring...which was all very cute. She gets right in my face and says to me "Mom, it's ok...I will always be your baby. It's normal for me to get bigger and go to school." Bless her heart! CRH's response was "Do you want to have another one?". This prompted me to immediately stop crying and ask him if he'd lost his freaking mind! No, I don't want another one...I just wanted more time with this one...which is funny...because I've not done a great job of always appreciating the time I've had with her as a baby...I've always been waiting for this stage and now that it's hear...I'm freaking out!
Here's the low down on school. Orientation is July 24th at 6pm. She starts July 29th for one half day. She returns on August 4th for full days every day...except they are out of school for holidays and/or teacher workdays on August 15th, August 29th, and September 1st. I find this funny...but it works out well. I was going to keep her out August 28th and 29th anyway when my parents come to this means one less day that counts against her absences.
I have not been homesick (no offense...but I LIVE in Hawaii) except tonight...I really wish my parents were here!! CRH is working and/or won't be here on her 1st days and he isn't really emotional about it anyway. I need my mom...she would cry with me on Eve's 1st day...damn 5000 least I can call her from the school parking lot where Mommy Meltdown #2 is sure to happen!


kathy.humble said...

Good lord, it was YESTERDAY that I took you to kindergarten at Our Lady of Grace. Now I had only been a mommy for about 3 months and I was still pretty green. I had no idea I was SUPPOSED to anticipate a meltdown! We had had a great three months playing Red Light and Mother May I (because those were the only games I could remember!)and I dressed you up in a dress you had helped me make, gave you a cute book bag, took your picture and away we went. You got to the classroom and happily greeted Ms. Thompson, your teacher, whom you had met and really liked. You kind of waved bye to me and I turned around and promptly fell apart!!! Cried all the way out to the car and all the way home. I had a lot of company on the way to the parking lot, too. At least three other mothers were in the same shape. So you just cry away, dear daughter and know you have been the BEST mommy I've ever seen and the adventures you are having now will stay with Miss Eve for the rest of her life. She is smart, funny, beautiful and loving--just like her mom!! I love you! (And I'll be by the phone on the first day of school!!)

Mom to 3 girls said...

I understand!! You are going to be fine. She's going to do great in kindergarten. The first day was hardest for me but knowing how ready Emma was made it a little easier. There are lots of fun times ahead!

Anonymous said...

Contrary to Amy's anti-self propaganda, she is a great mommy--imagine, if you will, a healthy mixture of Mrs. Huxtable, Madeleine Albright, Wilma Flintstone, Hillary Clinton and Janis Joplin all topped with Kathy Humble frosting. I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty amazing pedigree for a mom.

Amy said...

Thank you guys! I know it will be's just so freaking hard!! My mom's reply made me cry all over again!! :)

RZAS Wife said...

The freakiest thing is when after that first day they don't want you to walk them into school anymore. They just want you to pull up to the sidewalk and let them jump out on their own. Seeing Thomas walk inside by himself on that second day looking so small about broke even my icy cold heart!