Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fish Heads and Octopus

Today Eve and I went to the beach in front of our house. There were huge fish heads and fish tails in the someone had filleted the fish and then thrown the leftover parts into the ocean...gross. We walked down the beach some, needless to say.

It worked out though because there was a family fishing and playing in the water. Eve, having never met a stranger in the form of a kid, walks down to play with them. One of the kids caught an octopus like right near where we were and brought it over for us to see. I touched it...Eve refused. I couldn't help myself...curiosity and all. It felt case you were wondering. It was a small, reddish-brown night octopus according to my web search. They also caught/collected a small puffer fish, an urchin, a hermit crab, and a turkey fish. It was all very cool.
There is a portion of the basin here that has a lava rock wall and inside this today Eve and I saw these cute little black and yellow striped fish and some big, black crabs. It's like we live inside an aquarium! I'm still waiting to see "Honey Girl", our local Hawaiian monk seal.

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