Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girl Day!

Eve and I went to see "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Movie" was SO cute! We both loved it. Chris O'Donnell is in it and I have a huge crush on him. He's just so cute! Anyway, it was a great movie and a very positive movie at that...not like so much of the crap out there now geared at our word...Bratz. This was good, wholesome, family fun...I just said wholesome family fun...who am I???
Then, we went to Haleiwa for the art festival. I LOVE art festivals. We bought several prints and photographs. Eve got her face painted and made some art as well. It was a nice afternoon. Then we went out for an early dinner of pupus (Hawaiian word for appetizers) and dessert and Mama had some mango margaritas...all is right with the universe.
Guess what we did on the way to the art festival?? If you guessed, stalked the sea turtles... you were dead on! There was at least one out on the way, but none were there on the way back...sadly.

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Mom to 3 girls said...

We loved Kit too and Chris O'Donnell is smokin hot!