Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Papaw would be SO proud!

My Papaw was a hoot...he LOVED to grocery stop. He would LIVE for Wednesdays when the new sales paper would come out and then he would go around and get the deals from all the stores. This was before $4 a gallon gas, obviously! So, I find it highly entertaining that Eve loves to read the sales papers. This started shortly after we moved here. We get this midweek paper, aptly titled "Midweek" and inside of it are the local grocery ads. Eve loves to read them and tell me how much everything we like is priced and then comparision shops with the other ads. She has even learned which ad is for which store...I love it. It's like a little part of my Papaw is still alive and shopping for the deals!
Oh...on a money saving friend Lori posted on her blog ( this week about It seems that her husband, Paul, is into searching these sites for himself and everyone he knows. He apparently didn't find us any...damn it. I checked on there too (just in case!)and we aren't listed...but I did find my Papaw's name!

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