Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Mother

Our stuff is FINALLY set to arrive on Friday. Eve and I have decided we will believe it when we see all 48 boxes in our furnished, 900 sq ft house. I have NO idea where all of this stuff is going. Thankfully, CRH will be in CA next week and I can sort it out with minimal "I told you not to bring so much stuff.".
What else is going on here?
Eve had a great 1st day of school! She really likes her teacher, Mrs. Taylor, a lot. She met some new friends and saw one old one from the condo...they go way back to May. After school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and some Thursdays, she goes to Nancy's house. She figured out yesterday that Nancy is Mormon. We were sitting around last night watching Jon and Kate and she says "Mom, did you know that Nancy is Mormon? Why would you send me to the Mormons?". I died laughing...then I explained that Mormons are very nice people with good family values...blah, blah, blah. She didn't question my sudden hypocrisy on the whole Mormon thing, thankfully! I do really believe that about Mormons though...they do have good family values and they stick together like nobody's business.
Eve and I are going to get our measurements today for the wedding. I have NOT lost 25 lbs yet, but I have lost 6lbs since we got our scale a week and a half that's good news! I think I have mostly sweat it off at work. I'm not sure why the aversion to AC here on the island...there are times when you really do need it. It's not often, but it would be nice to have sometimes! We were really busy this weekend with tour buses and just regular traffic.
CRH will be off island all next week in CA with his boss...should be fun for him! It's good exposure, but hopefully not too good...I never want to's like vacation ALL the time.

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Mom to 3 girls said...

Congrats on your 6lbs in a week and a half! That's awesome! And so glad you are finally getting your stuff! That's just insane that it's taken so long!! Also so happy that Eve had a great first day. Hope she does great next weeke when it's all week!!