Thursday, July 24, 2008

Foster Gardens, Open House, and a Small Fender Bender

Today started out great and ended great...but the middle was kind of iffy! Eve and I went to Foster Botanical Gardens for story time this morning. This place is gorgeous! We saw trees and plants that I have never, ever seen. The most spectacular was the CannonBall Tree. It's a tree with HUGE seed pods (I assume) on it and very fragrant, beautiful flowers. We are going back next Thursday night for a Teddy Bear Picnic and a Twilight Concert.
Then, we met CRH for lunch at this cute little place we love in Kailua. It went downhill after lunch. I was leaving the parking lot and this guy stops and waves me out...well, apparently he didn't fully check ONCOMING traffic because I sideswiped a car! I just blindly trusted this guy and went. Oops! So, my car has some minor front end damage and hers had some minor side damage. Now, here's where I felt really bad for her. First, she's a teacher and she had come out to get some lunch and was headed back to school to finish setting up her classroom and I hit her...totally my fault. The bad part is that her inspection was out of date and the cop wrote HER a ticket! Bless her heart, she was really very nice about the whole thing...lovely woman. (CRH also wants you guys to know that he was very nice too and didn't yell at me...the snide comments are starting to roll in though.)
After this, Eve and I continued onto our original destination of Kailua Beach Park. This beach rules! It is a very nice, huge, expansive area and not too crowded. The surf was nice (like I like it - not with big waves) and warm. Also, there were no rocks...which are abundant here along the beaches making those ugly water shoes a necessity.
Tonight, we went to Eve's school for her open house. I cannot believe she starts school on Tuesday!!! This was mostly a parent information meeting on what to expect. I expect to cry. I expect her to be great!

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